Investor Relations

The Investor Relations Office (IRO) was established as part of the efforts to foster and improve Turkey’s relations with international investors on a continuous basis. The primary objective is to enable constant information flow with respect to prevailing macro-economic aggregates by providing reliable and accurate data while pursuing prudent investor relations with financial community.

The IRO disseminates the latest economic and financial statistics through regular Newsletters on a subscription basis along providing access to recently unveiled reports and presentations by senior officials. A special section is devoted to the economic program and its implementation for the sake of enlightening investors on the developments of economic reform agenda.

Transparency has been acclaimed as a key factor by the IRO for close and fruitful investor dialogue that is to be enhanced by timely announcements. The FAQ section aims to shed some light about economic concepts, data, and methodologies used in Turkey while investors are also able to locate required information generated by other governmental agencies for further reference.

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